Sunday, November 27, 2011

I will follow You...

I’ve never really blogged before so this is definitely a first! It’s on my bucket list, sooo, yeah.  But let me just say this is in no way about me! Lately God has been tugging on my heart about my motives, is this for my glory or for God’s glory. And I assure this is simply to outpour what God is doing in my life in the simplest way. So if any of you know me personally or are my facebook friend or follow me on twitter you know that I have been completely immersed in Katie Davis’s story.  My heart has been ripped to pieces and more than once I have found myself face down on the floor weeping for the precious children all around me who have absolutely nothing. And that nothing includes Jesus. Not only children, but just everyone. How many times have I walked by someone who is crying and did just that: walked right by them. How many times have I looked into the eyes of a hurting friend and not tell them that Jesus so desperately wants to dry each tear from their eye and bring light into their darkness? How many times do I miss it? I miss the fact that these people were made in God’s image. Each and every person on this earth was made in the image of our almighty God.  And if I profess to love my God with all of my heart, then I am claiming access to a strength and a confidence that is not my own. So if I claim this then why do I allow my actions to be ruled by fear?  I miss the fact that it is my responsibility and should be my deepest desire to bring His light into the most darkened places. So here I am with all of these realizations that mean ABSOLUTELY nothing without some sort of action to follow. That’s what the Gospel does, it grips our hearts so tightly that it spills out into the lives of the people around us. We forget about ourselves and we deny everything that the world says is good and we follow. We follow Jesus. He leads us to HIS people. He leads us always. He whispers in our ear when we are afraid. He enters into our fear  with us and says: “I am with You, always, even to the end of the age.” And sometimes I hear His voice so clearly and I just drown it out for fear of Him taking me to uncomfortable, yet beautiful, places. So here I am at a crossroad…One way is MY future… what I’ve always dreamed for myself. The other way is God’s future…what He has always dreamed for His daughter. And today. In this very moment. I choose. I choose to drop EVERYTHING for cause of Christ. I choose to go His way and enter into a trust that is so sweet and so secure that nothing could ever shake. I am not sure what this is going to look like, but I know He will carry me. Because He loves me. And He wants to use little ol’ unworthy me to love His people and to bring His light to the darkest places. And He wants to use you, too. He wants so desperately to sit with you every second of your day and laugh with you and cry with you. He wants to sing with you songs of beauty and songs of freedom. He said, “Draw near to me, and I will draw near to You.” I am drawing every so closely to a Savior whose blood was shed for my freedom and my eternity. I will draw near to You, Jesus, and even if I don’t feel You near, I know Your word is true. I know You are coming.

If you haven’t heard of Katie Davis- go visit…there are many ways you can start furthering the Kingdom from right here on your computer!! Sponsor a child or just buy some jewelry from the sweet ladies of Uganda to help them provide for their family. Or just donate money to help them keep this ministry alive.

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